good and bye

Livejournal, I'm leaving you.

Yes, this is a Dear John letter, but I'm saving my words for someone who is not you.

RSS feeds have ruined what we had between us. I just don't have the inclination to spend time with you anymore.

I almost hesitate to give you my forwarding address, but so much has passed between you and me that I can't help myself. You can track me down; just swear you won't try to contact me. It's the least each of us can do.

With only the fondest of memories,
forever indebted,

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We just spent five hours sitting in traffic. Dense fog patches lead to accidents in front of and behind us. Semis plowed into cars and all of them launched off the road and into the deep snow ravine. There were fatalities, multiple, but we're not sure how many. They rerouted us and we drove home well below the speed limit.

Our tail light is out, and I hate cars more than ever.